The DIBS AI integrated software platform has been developed to largely automate the process of orthodontic patient case setups, provide predictive outcomes for treatment plans, and offer the latest in print technology with extremely accurate 3D-printed bracket transfer appliances (ie, IDB trays). These advancements, help shorten the time required for bonding appointments by a third or more, as well as reducing overall treatment time through significant decreases in the need for wire bending and bracket repositioning. 

DIBS AI software uses standard STL files imported from virtually any intraoral scanner to rapidly clean images, segment teeth, and propose ideal bracket placement. Doctors can choose their preferred stock bracket or select customized options for treatment tailored to their patients’ specific needs. Using advanced predictive modeling, the software will then determine and display the case outcome based on the chosen treatment plan. 

Why Use DIBS AI?

  • Accurate, Easy, and Efficient Bracket Placement
  • Compatible With Any Bracket
  • Fewer Appointments
  • Shorter Bonding Appointments
  • Affordable Pricing